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C c’est pour Carole, l’aphabet en français avec Carole Fredericks

Carole Fredericks was an accomplished singer who first gained prominence as a member of the trio, Fredericks Goldman Jones and later in a solo career. Carole rose to musical fame in both Europe and Africa.

A native of Springfield, MA, Carole had limited exposure to the French language before she emigrated to France in 1979. She learned to speak French while living and working in Paris. Carole was immersed in the French culture. By speaking the language everyday and listening to music, Carole grew to understand the nuances and subtleties of the French language. Eventually, Carole learned to sing in French as if it were her first language.

C c’est pour Carole l’aphabet en français avec Carole Fredericks is written for young learners and those who are learning French for the first time. C c’est pour Carole displays each letter of the alphabet including the phonetic pronunciation. Most of the photos and examples relate to the life and music career of Carole Fredericks and the group Fredericks Goldman Jones (Jean-Jacques Goldman, Michael Jones).

C cest

C c’est pour Carole includes colors, verbs, nouns, parts of the body, the calendar, the seasons, greetings, numbers 1 – 30, the persons (je, tu, il, elle, on, nous, vous, ils, and elles), and the family. The C c’est pour Carole alphabet introduces learners to other francophone countries and incorporates aspects of the French culture. Examples may include a sentence using a word beginning with a specific letter. “A few more useful words” (Autres mots utiles), courtesy of the BERLITZ French Phrase Book and Dictionary, is listed in the Glossary.

Download an individual letter or the whole alphabet. C c’est pour Carole will help young children and beginners learn the alphabet, pronunciation, basic vocabulary and key phrases. C c’est pour Carole will also introduce your students of French to their very own chanteuse d’américaine, Carole Fredericks.


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