Why Must Any Complete Education Include the Study of a Foreign Language?

The Carole D. Fredericks Foundation seeks to reinforce the advantages of learning a second or third language. Choosing selectively from among the significant advantages to learning French, we point out that students will demonstrate increased global understanding, improve chances of entry into college or graduate school, and improve employment potential. Furthermore, students will demonstrate sharpened cognitive and life skills, increase understanding of themselves and their own culture, and show an increase in native language ability. Students also tend to demonstrate an increased appreciation of international literature, music, and film as a result of exposure to these lessons.

This quote sums it up for many life long learners of French:
“France has the only two things toward which we drift as we grow older—intelligence and good manners.”

- F. Scott Fitzgerald

Why Is Learning French Important?

The following resources provide additional reasons to learn French:

“I wanted to travel all over the world and French is the official language in 33 countries and the only official language on 5 of the world’s continents besides English.”
French Blog by Chandra

“French is the 3rd most frequently spoken non-English language in US homes (5) and the second most commonly taught foreign language in the United States (after Spanish)”.
Why learn French? (

Largely as a result of the Norman (French) conquest of the Anglo-Saxons (English) in 1066, more than 25% of English words are of French origin. Can you say "SAT preparation"? (BTW, "preparation" is one of those French words, as is just about every other word you know that ends in -tion.)
Reasons to Study French

“One example of the importance of French can be seen in a recent listing of international jobs (8/25/08) distributed by the US State Department: 78 required or preferred French, 27 a UN language (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish), 17 Spanish, 10 Arabic, 5 Russian, and 3 German, 1 Chinese.”
French The Most Practical Foreign Language
Richard Shryock
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech)

“French fashion designers, artists, writers, musicians, chefs and filmmakers have had a wide influence in the United States and the rest of the world. Learning French makes discovering an incomparable cultural universe. A French lesson is a journey into the world of fashion, gastronomy, the arts, literature and architecture.”
10 Reasons to Study French
Alliance Française de Washington DC

“Montréal is the second largest French speaking city in the world.” “French is the official language of the International Red Cross.” “France is one of the two official languages at the Olympic Games.”
There are more than 75 good reasons to study French

“French is the language of many great literary masterpieces. People around the world are familiar with Les Misérables, The Three Musketeers, 20 000 Leagues Under the Sea, The Little Prince and The Stranger. In fact, France has won more Nobel prizes for literature than any other country. The French are also admired for their great philosophers, such as Descartes, Pascal, Rousseau, Voltaire, Camus and Sartre. When you read French, you can enjoy these works and authors in the original language.”
Reasons to Study French (written by the Education Office of the French Cultural Services).

‘Help Wanted: Encourage Students to Learn French,’ French Is Not A ‘Foreign’ Language and other promotional materials available at
MATERIALS CENTER (AATF Commission for the Promotion of French)

The World Speaks French
The French Language Initiative

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Why Employ the Legacy of Carole Fredericks?

Carole Fredericks was a big Black woman with a big, rich voice. At 20 she moved from Springfield, Massachusetts to San Francico, CA. Seven years there transformed her into an experienced performer but exposure in Bay area clubs and occasional session work was not enough. She wanted to sing to the world, and she wanted the world to hear her. Ambitious and fearless, she moved again. This time, however, she was not simply leaving home; she was leaving the United States of America. And in 1979, in a time-honored tradition featuring Josephine Baker in the Twenties, Richard Wright in the Forties and James Baldwin in the Fifties, she moved to Paris. The City of Lights became her home for twenty-two and her final resting place.

Although Ms Fredericks left her mother country, she never left her roots. Steeped in the fertile music traditions of her parents, striving professionals from the Carolinas and the West Indies, she emerged as a powerful singer who wove the passionate threads of blues, jazz, gospel and R&B into a uniquely French tapestry. Johnny Hallyday, Mylène Farmer, Patricia Kaas and other European stars hired her for background vocals in concerts and session work. In 1990, she joined Jean-Jacques Goldman and Michael Jones to form the phenomenally successful trio, Fredericks Goldman Jones. For ten years they performed in front of sold-out crowds throughout Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and Japan. During this period Fredericks also released two popular solo albums, Springfield (1996), an album in English dedicated to her mother and her hometown, and Couleurs et parfums (1999), a tour de force of cultural mixes including Wolof, the national language of Senegal, a country where she always, instantly felt at home.

Ms. Fredericks had limited exposure to French in the United States, and yet she mastered the language, was a revered celebrity and a humanitarian in her adopted country. Carole Fredericks is an excellent role model for foreign language students in general and students of French in particular. Her life experiences highlight a strong work ethic, self determination, and risk taking, qualities which might motivate students to follow her good example as they study French.

Monsieur-Biogrpahie 'Carole Fredericks'
Biographie de Carole FREDERICKS


Carole’s generosity was as legendary as her voice. She gave her time and talent to humanitarian causes including, but not limited to, Les Enfoirés, Les restos du coeur, Amnesty International, and Les Voix De L’ESPOIR (Voices of Hope), International Women’s Day, Make-A-Wish Foundation/Fr.

The following questions present some of the issues our instructional materials seek to address:

Q - “I am an ‘A’ student in AP Honors French class but I don’t feel confident when it comes to speaking the language.”

A - Students are intrigued by the fact that Carole was able to immerse herself in the target language at a later stage in her life and become fluent within a short time of her arrival in France. International students who may know her are often convinced that she was a native speaker and are pleasantly surprised to learn of her Springfield roots. By example, Carole’s unique inspirational story, coupled with her engaging and meaningful music, encourages students to learn.

Q - “We use an older edition textbook that presents a dated view of France. How can I introduce my students to the contemporary lifestyle of the country?” And, I am always trying to find music artists from the francophone world who are Black to use in my class. Can these materials help?”

A - YES and yes. As an African American woman who was a contemporary artist Carole is an icon in French music today. She is an excellent role model for anyone studying French. At the time of her death, Ms. Fredericks spoke fluent French and was a headliner act in Europe and Africa.

Carole Fredericks’ career traversed three continents, North America, Europe and Africa, to create a cultural triangle. Her international success and music are a celebration of each culture that influenced her.

The Foundation employs the musical legacy of Carole Fredericks and the music group Fredericks Goldman Jones as the central resource of authentic French language music and music videos for the instructional materials. The Carole D. Fredericks Foundation, Inc. will continue to publish the Tant Qu’Elle Chante, Elle Vit! (2003) and Couleurs et parfums (2005) language units. The music videos present a unique look at French society today and include a multi-ethnic representation of the population. The song lyrics highlight broad social issues. These materials present cross-curricular teaching opportunities, a multicultural approach to language learning and rich content literacy.

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'LE JOURNAL FRANÇAIS DES ÉTATS-UNIS' An excellent resource about French-American culture, current events and life in America. Written in French.


This is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession

Dainiel J. Levitin
Dutton, a division of Penguin Publishers 2006

Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Goldman
©1995 A Bantam Book


Teaching the Target Language Through the Lyrics of Melodic Music

By Tom Blodget, M.A.

Assessment, Emotional Scaffolding, and Technology: Powerful Allies in the K-12 World Language Classroom

By Nancy Gadbois and Connie Fredericks-Malone

Using the Music of Carole Fredericks in the French classroom

Nancy Gadbois

Using Authentic Music Videos in the Foreign Language Classroom

Nancy Gadbois

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Siggi Dimanche
A journey into the magnificence of French speaking African.

Carole Fredericks:

Fredericks Goldman Jones:

Jean Jacques GOLDMAN

Long is the road / America

Carole Fredericks:

Fredericks Goldman Jones:


(Popular French music television show and website. Carole Fredericks: chronological biography, clips of her performances, albums and website link.


(Singers, actors, celebrities and sports figures make up the company of Les enfoirés. Students will learn about the artists and the history of Restos du Cœur, a humanitarian effort to eliminate hunger in France. Carole Fredericks was an ardent supporter and member of Les enfoirés for 9 years. Jean Jacques Goldman wrote the anthem for Restos du Cœur and serves as Musical Director. Michael Jones is an annual guest artist.
Enfoirépedia - Encyclopaedia of the Enfoirés
From now on, you can find the answers to all the questions you might have about the artists, the songs, and the shows in the Enfoirépedia! Find out what songs a favorite artist sang ? How many times did that artist participate in the concerts? Was this song already sung at an Enfoirés concert? English and French website text.


(All French language website includes the history of the organization, current campaign, photos and more. An exciting interactive website)

Les enfoirés and Les Restos de Cœur are excellent websites and provide limitless possibilities for cultural exploration, homework or extra credit assignments.


Chanda Danley for Transparent Language -

French Music - Jean Jacques Goldman
Posted: 15 Apr 2009 02:35 PM PDT

French Music - The American Woman Who Conquered Paris
Posted: 11 May 2009 02:00 AM PDT

Free Downloads including ‘C’ c’est pour Carole, l’aphabet en français avec Carole Fredericks
Student Projects (view examples of projects and student comments)

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MUSIC WEBSITES ( ('SHINE') (official Fredericks Family website)

http://www.Last.Fr (Listen to tracks and view film and television clips, music videos. Search ‘Carole Fredericks’ and/or ‘Fredericks Goldman Jones’)

Putumayo Records (Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, India, Turkish and more)
Putumayo World Music and Putumayo Kids


Carole Fredericks was featured on two albums for children written by Alan SIMON,
Le Petit Arthur (1995) Since 1998 "Le Petit Arthur" serves as official teaching material for the French language in Denmark. Les Enfants du Futur (1996)


Carole Fredericks, actress!

Did you know that in addition to being a singer, Carole Fredericks had a successful career as an actress in French films? Take a look for yourself. Here is a clip of Carole from the film 'Roselyne et les lions' by director, Jean-Jacques Beineix.

Which do you think she preferred - acting or singing? 'Vous préférez chanter ou jouer la comédie ?' Carole responds to the question in this clip from 'An Interview with Carole Fredericks'.

Pirates (1986) ‘Sunshine’; I Love You (1986) ‘Angèle’; Les deux crocodiles (1987) ‘Mamoudou, femme de Julien’; Roselyne et les lions (1989) ‘La Grenouille’; Tom est tout seul (1995) ‘La chanteuse noire.’

Mylène Farmer En Concert Documentary concert video 1990

Fredericks Goldman Jones Tours et Détours
Bernard Schmitt, Sony Music France
Documentary concert video 1995

Fredericks Goldman Jones Du New Morning au Zénith
Sony Music France
Documentary concert/interview video 1999

Television spectaculars and DVDs with Les Enfoirés for Les Restos du cœur (1992 – 2001)

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Josephine BAKER

The Fabulous Joséphine Baker (English, French, German, and Spanish) Official Website:

FAUDEL - a French singer of Algerian descent, considered the Prince of Raï.
Arabic, Spanish and French
‘Faudel Samra’ CD features ‘Salsa raï’ w/ Yuri Buenaventura and Carole Fredericks vocals on tracks # 2, 5 & 8
To purchase his work -
To watch video -
To listen to music -


French and Spanish
‘Herencia Africana / Salsa de Colmbia’ CD
‘Ne me quitte pas’ (homage to Jacques Brel) and ‘Un belle histoire’

Chavalier de SAINT-GEORGES aka Le Mozart Noir (1745 – 1799)
Violin Concerts written by Saint-George recorded by Takako Nishizaki, violin and the Cologne Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Helmut Müller-Brühl (2000)

Le Chevalier de Saint George

Le Chevalier de Saint George

Illustrated biography written by Alain GÉDÉ for young readers is available:

Griot Pictures Entertainment

Celine DION

French, English and Spanish
‘D’EUX’ aka ‘The French Album’ CD

Jean Jacques GOLDMAN

English Bio:
Official Website:

Michael JONES

Patricia KAAS

French and English



Julien CLERC



French and English

TÉTÉ (Senegal)

A Hot Young French Singer-Songwriter Doing Something New



POETIC LOVER (all male group)

‘Personne ne saurait’ from Couleurs et Parfums duet with Carole Fredericks




‘L’AZIZA’ (2001) Carole Fredericks et Roch Voisine performance and interview


English, French and Spanish


French Canadian


French Canadian

French pop music artists:


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Facebook Pages:


Eye Prefer Paris
Paris - RICHARD NAHEM remembers CAROLE FREDERICKS in his EYE PREFER PARIS blog. Read the Blog here.

Discover Paris! is your portal to the City of Light! Whether your interests lie in architecture, popular culture, cuisine, fashion, or something more specific, our goal is to help you explore this fascinating city. Our guides reveal hidden treasures in little-known neighborhoods as well as provide you with new perspectives on major sites and monuments. Discover Paris! is simply the best way to experience Paris!

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