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J’ai le sang blues | International Education Week

J’ai le sang blues
The French IV Honors Project

Our sincere appreciation to Valencia Siff and the French IV students of The Collegiate School of Richmond, VA for the following interpretation of the song J’ai le sang blues.

Activity involved: Listening Comprehension, Interpretation, Speaking, Reading and Writing

MATERIALS NEEDED: Video camera, editing and production facilities
J’ai le sang blues from the CD Couleurs et parfums by Carole Fredericks

J’ai le sang blues
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The French IV students studied the lyrics and then produced their own music video to teach J’ai le sang blues to advanced students. The French IV students choreographed, directed, filmed and edited their interpretation. The following video is the result of their independent work.

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International Education Week
November 14 - 18, 2005

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Teacher name: Nancy Gadbois

School: H.S. of Science & Technology, Springfield, MA

Project title: Carole Fredericks: It's a Community Thing!

Grades of students: 10-12 le français 3

Goals of the project: Target language communication in a real world context

Description of project:
The late Carole Fredericks rose to the top of the charts in Europe and in Africa during the 1990's. She is just beginning to be recognized in the USA as a top musical icon. Her sister, Connie Fredericks-Malone, visited my French 3 class in September to talk about her sister's love of French. The class wrote thank you/appreciation cards to Connie discussing her visit and her sister's music.

Students were introduced to Carole's musical videos in French, and also listened to her CD's. The class studied sample templates for writing notes, and decided in pairs, how to express their sentiments to the family of the late diva. Some students chose electronic cards, others created their own. The cards were collated and sent to the family of Carole Fredericks. View Students' Projects

Students are compassionate and caring. They did not hesitate to embrace this task, and the fact that Connie Fredericks-Malone had visited their class personally made it easier to write to her. The class improved its technology ability considerably, and learned target language terms for font, formatting, etc.

Significant Student Quotes:

Question: Why did you like this CDF project? Be specific.

"I liked this project, because it was a different way of learning French."

"I liked the research on the internet, but the best part was writing the sentences."

"The project combined my three favorite things into one: the internet, music and art."

"I was able to thank Connie in the way I wanted to, got to say what I wanted to say."

"I liked the project, because it opened my mind to other types of music beyond R&B and rap."

"I liked the project because I worked with a partner as a team. She saw things I would have missed, and we helped each other."

"The best part of the project was using the laptops, because we could be creative with our writing."

"It was a good thing to do for someone else."

"It made me more conscious of Carole Fredericks, French music and Connie's efforts to showcase Carole's work throughout the world."

"I like expressing my feelings to the family in this way."

"The project got us out of the book, and allowed us to do something nice for someone."