What We Do

The Foundation’s purpose is to provide teachers with the highest quality French language materials that engage students, teach language skills and promote the study of francophone cultures. Our contributing educators and authors integrate student-centered classroom activities (emotional scaffolding), techniques for multiple learning styles, assessment strategies and technology into each lesson at every grade level. The language materials support state and national foreign language standards and serve to reinforce the 5C’s: community, connection, communication, culture, and comparisons.

Publish Instructional Materials that employs French popular music.

Develop Teacher Professional Development Workshops, seminars and lectures that demonstrate:

Develop Presentations for students, assemblies and school visits that:

Responses from students after school visits:
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Donate learning materials to schools and/or French programs that reach rural, poor, and inner city urban students. List of recipients available upon request.

Sponsor the Carole Fredericks French Contest.

Provide the Carole D. Fredericks Scholarship to support underprivileged and/or deserving students in the study of music, the French language and francophone cultures. Please contact the foundation director for details.

Provide a Travel Fund to award financial support to deserving students for study abroad and travel to France. Please contact the foundation director for details. List of recipients available upon request.

Maintain a full service website that offers free lessons, exercises and student activities, resources, news, an official biography, photos, and merchandise.