Special Thanks

Our appreciation must begin with CDF Music Legacy Founders, Taj Mahal, Edward Samuel Fredericks and Richard Fredericks, for their support and willingness to contribute the content of the Language Unit Division to the establishment of the Carole D. Fredericks Foundation, thereby ensuring its lasting growth. Thank you.

Sincere appreciation to the incorporating directors, Brenda Benzin, Dr. Armelle Fée and Barbara Summers, for lending their good names, reputations and professional expertise to the establishment of the Foundation,

Without the skilled input of veteran second language classroom teachers, this project could not have met with success nor would it face such a bright future. Our continued gratitude to our original Contributing Educators, Nancy Gadbois and Karen Traynor as well as to the more recent members of the team, Valencia Siff, John Beaver, Debra Terry, Kathy Walsh, Shannon Porfilio, Andrea Henderson and Monica Johnston, for their personal enthusiasm and commitment to excellence. We have a wonderful year ahead of us, and I look forward to working with each of you.

Merci mille fois à Arnaud Brachet pour les beaucoup videos en Dailymotion.com!

Special thanks to Jay L. Pincus, CPA.

Kudos to Jen Weber of Solius Web Solutions for the design and execution of the website. You’re the best!

Many thanks to my husband, James Malone, Ph. D., for his daily support, encouragement and editorial input.

And lastly, we extend our thanks to teachers of French who work every day to awaken students to the multicultural francophone world and, simultaneously, tell the story of an African American woman whose personal journey forged a triangle of culture as she traversed France, Africa and the United States.