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Petit Joss école urbaine mixte
An Interview with Carole Fredericks - Middle/High School/College Level
Tant Qu'Elle Chante, Elle Vit! - Advanced Level
Tant Qu'Elle Chante, Elle Vit! - Elem/Middle School
Couleurs et parfums - High School/College Level
Couleurs et parfums - Elem/Middle School Level
Paris: The Experience - Beyond the Eiffel Tower

Apprendre le français grâce à l'héritage de Carole Fredericks

Tant Qu'Elle Chante, Elle Vit! Apprendre le français grâce à l'héritage de Carole Fredericks, is an innovative French language unit designed to engage students at their level of interest. This unique teaching tool is perhaps the first of its kind to integrate pop-rock music and music videos into an educational language format.

Tant Qu'Elle Chante, Elle Vit! The Carole D. Fredericks Foundation joined forces with Tralco Educational Services (Hamilton Ontario Canada) to publish the new grade Activity Book for Tant Qu’Elle Chante, Elle Vit. We are very excited to present activities and lessons created expressly for younger learners at the elementary to middle school levels.

Tant Qu'Elle Chante, Elle Vit!

Tant Qu'Elle Chante, Elle Vit! has been added to French classes throughout the United States and Canada and as far away as Singapore.

Purpose: Add-on, works well in conjunction with an established French curriculum. Supports the 5 C's - Communication, Connection, Comparisons, Cultural, Community.

Grade level: Elementary to Middle School

Unit includes: 1- spiral bound Activity Book (60 pages), and 6-authentic French language music videos.

Activity Book content: Introduction and Overview by Connie Fredericks-Malone, Lessons by our team of American and Canadian teachers and Corrigé.

Music Video Format: 1-DVD disc conveniently housed in a plastic sleeve on the inside back cover of the unit Activity Book.

Music videos: (Click to preview)

Lessons include: Song lyrics, Video Specific Learning (VSL), Themes, Vocabulary, Culture notes, and Teaching Suggestions

Lessons Developed and Written by: Nancy J. Gadbois, Southampton, MA USA; Valencia Siff, Richmond, VA USA; Helen Coltrinari, Toronto, Ontario Canada; Shannon Profilio, Barnegat, New Jersey USA, Karen Traynor, Hamilton, Ontario Canada

Published by: Tralco-Lingo Fun and the Carole D. Fredericks Foundation, Inc.

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