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Barbara Summers 1944 - 2014

Barbara Summers
Barbara Summers 1944 - 2014

It is with a heavy heart that I share with you that the vibrant light that was Barbara Summers has been dimmed. Barbara passed away unexpectedly in November of 2014. Barbara was a woman of many talents, a passionate writer, editor, world traveler and educator. She was a former French teacher who became a fashion model then author of a groundbreaking book about the history and impact of black fashion models in the industry. A generous spirit, Barbara did not hesitate to lend her name to those efforts she deemed worthy. As Nancy Gadbois and I were putting the finishing touches on the debut collections of lessons to publish Barbara suggested the title ‘tant qu’elle chante elle vit’ (as long as she sings she lives). That one phrase solidified the goals of the foundation and gave rise to an innovative approach to learning French. Barbara became one of the original three Incorporating Directors and my go-to person as I made my way through the process of setting up the Carole Fredericks Foundation. Barbara was a life-long personal friend who’s whit, wisdom and stirring conversations I will miss. Her brilliance as an author, teacher, mother and friend will live on in all those who were privileged to know her. She left behind a body of work that speaks to her strength of character, love of life, cultural literacy and heritage. Please read more about Barbara Summers here and view her collection of books on Amazon.

Black Paris Profiles

Black Paris Profiles

Are you looking for a fabulous, inexpensive gift for someone (or several someones) you know? Then give them the special gift of BLACK PARIS PROFILES featuring CAROLE FREDERICKS.

LA COLLECTION 1990 - 2001

LA COLLECTION 1990 - 2001

And Jean-Jacques Goldman LA COLLECTION 1990 - 2001 which features 2 studio albums by the trio (Carole) FREDERICKS (Jean-Jacques) GOLDMAN (Michael) JONES, 2 albums by Goldman and music video clips on 1 DVD!

là-bas Jean-Jacques Goldman (fan page)

New Album
After a ten year hiatus, Legacy Recordings France will release 'Best Of Carole Fredericks' album on November 7th, just a few weeks from today. Bluseman and Carole's brother, Taj Mahal wrote an emotional dedication for the CD booklet. Friend and French pop music composer, Jean-Jacques Goldman added moving personal comments as well. Here are links to the announcement: in French, in English.

Visit the new bilingual website about Carole Fredericks: 'SHINE' http://www.carolefredericks.fr. This stellar hommage to Carole was the creation of Jean-Michel Royer, a friend and ardent fan in Paris. You and your students will love it.

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Haiti - What If Foundation

Founded in 2000, the What If? Foundation funds food and education programs for children in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The foundation was serving the Haitian population before the recent quake disaster and will continue to be there for the children of Port-au-Prince long after this crisis is over. Haiti still needs our help and the What If? Foundation could use your support. Give what you can. Visit whatiffoundation.org. Merci.

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The Internet is an exciting place to be these days. New websites, online communities and blogs are showing up everyday. Please join me online at:

New York in French
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This Ning is for anyone interested in Conversing, Maintaining, Enjoying, Promoting, Discovering French, and those who speak it, in New York.

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