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Classroom Visits

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Connie Fredericks-Malone and James Malone, PhD.


Through video clips and personal photos, students will be introduced to Carole Fredericks and her family. Students of all ages will enjoy the personal stories describing Carole’s early childhood growing up in Springfield, MA, the time she spent in California, and her decision to move to France. More advanced classes will have the opportunity to hear from the artist herself via excerpts from a documentary film that features an entertaining interview with Carole. Elementary students will participate in a musical exercise. Dr. Malone will stress the value of French in students’ career planning and share examples of jobs and careers where French is desirable. He will also provide insights about Carole’s personal traits and the strategies she employed to become so successful in her work so that she becomes a role model for students. DVDs, CDs, interactive activities and a Q and A period round out the presentation.


This workshop will motivate and encourage students to explore the French culture and francophone countries. Classes will understand and appreciate the life of a contemporary icon of French music who was also an American citizen. Students will gain insight into the personal traits that contributed to Carole’s success and explore how they can apply them to their goals. We have heard from teachers that our classroom visits validate the benefits of learning French. After our visits some students reaffirm their desire to study French in college. Cross-curricular potential: Science, social studies, world history and math. Carole Fredericks’ experience in France can introduce other outstanding personalities such as the Chevalier de Saint Georges, General Thomas Alexandre Davy de la Paillèterie, Alexandre Dumas (pare), Alexandre Dumas (fils), Victor Sejour, Jean Baptiste Pointe De Sable, Norbert Rillieux, Josephine Baker, Hemingway, Gertrude Stein and the artists of the Harlem Renaissance to name a few.

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Student Assembly Presentations


Connie Fredericks-Malone and James Malone, PhD.


Using a combination of Power-Point, DVD and lecture this presentation will explore ‘Who Is Carole Fredericks?’ Students will be introduced to Carole Fredericks and her family. Students of all ages will enjoy the personal stories describing Carole’s early childhood growing up in Springfield, MA, the time she spent in California, and her decision to move to France. They will hear what challenges she faced living in a country where she did not speak the language and what motivated her to learn French. Students will have the opportunity to view music videos featuring Fredericks Goldman Jones and Carole Fredericks.


This workshop is designed to motivate students to learn French and to introduce a contemporary role model who became a bi-cultural icon. Students will be encouraged to learn from Carole to dream big and set tasks to reach their specific goals. Carole’s uniquely inspirational story and her infectious music motivate students in a wide variety of settings: affluent suburban as well as inner city schools, public, private and parochial. Our workshop addresses issues that concern all students and encourages respect for students of all nationalities. We also offer encouragement and an appreciation for cultural differences to those students who may be learning English as a second language.

Fee Structure:

Please contact the Director for workshop structure and related fees.


Connie Fredericks-Malone, email:, 585.396.2995 home office, 585.233.2426 mobile phone.

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Past Classroom Visits and Assemblies

Classroom Visits and Student Assemblies presented at the following schools and institutions:

US Embassy Paris ‘Speakers Program’:

Lycee Francois 1er

Fontainebleau, FR

Lycee Francois Couperin

Fontainebleau, FR

Internat d'Excellence de Sourdun

Provins, FR

Lycee les Pannevelles

Provins, FR

Lycee Jacques Brel

La Courneuve, FR

Career Day:

American School of Paris

Paris, FR

Canandaigua Middle School

Canandaigua, NY

College of Southern Nevada

Los Vegas, NV

Waldorf School of Garden City

Long Island, NY

Anne Bujon Educational Initiative and
the Alliance Française de Washington:

La Salle Elementary School

Washington, DC

Randle Highlands Elementary School

Washington, DC

River Terrace Elementary School

Washington, DC

Ketchem Elementary School

Washington, DC

Burroughs Elementary School

Washington, DC

Other Visits

Mountain View High School

Mountain View, CA

Westmont High School

Campbell, CA

Hillview Middle School

Menlo Park, CA

Polytechnic School

Pasadena, CA

Saint Francis High School

Mountain View, CA

Gunn High School

Palo Alto, CA

Head Royce Preparatory School

Oakland, CA

High School of Science and Technology

Springfield, MA

Van Sickle Middle School

Springfield, MA

Rebecca M. Johnson Magnet School for the Visual and Performing Arts

Springfield, MA

Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Geneva, NY

Flintridge Preparatory School

La Cañada, CA

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